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Rolling my Blog

July 26, 2012

My latest post In Flip Flops at the Rodeo, dated July 13th, was my 50th post. I was happy reaching such a nice round number! It means that (with a frequency of two posts per month) I have been “rolling” that blog for two years already!

Alicja Mann in center of a large wheel
It was disappointing to hear that some of my subscribers, especially those with g-mail addresses, did not receive that particular post in their mailbox. I wonder why it happened and do not want to put the blame on the date marked with ‘13’ — it is considered by many an unlucky number. Unlucky or not, I will have to address that problem with WordPress — since they do the mailing and not I.

I value greatly my subscribers and do not want to disappoint them or to lose them. You all deserve great thanks for reading my blog. Composing it with words and photographs is exciting, but also takes considerable effort and commitment on my part. So I decided to celebrate that round 50 by taking time off — for one month or so — from blogging and from most of my work and…to have a real vacation!

Swinging in a hammock outdoors in the soothing shade of trees—reading, dreaming, or simply sleeping—represents true relaxation for me. Have a nice and relaxing August and “see you” in September!


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