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Unsent Postcard

September 28, 2012

Postcard from Alicja Mann

Dear Readers,

Please consider this to be a belated postcard from Cape Cod, one of the most charming vacation spots in this country and my “old home” place.

As I stated in my previous post, it was my intention to have a long, true time off from work and a real vacation. Well, it was a long time all right, but not as restful and free of stress as I desired.

Sometimes life presents us with challenging situations and even dramas that throw us off balance. I found myself in such a spot lately because of a difficult family conflict relating to my motherhood. Having a painful time with it, I needed a lot of solitude and was not very communicative or sociable for a couple of months. I am sure that I disappointed some of my readers by not responding to their comments before and during my “vacation”. The same goes for not returning my friends’ calls or answering their e-mails. I apologize and will try to correct that.

The great benefit of being on the Cape was having the ocean nearby. I loved my numerous visits with it — the soothing sound and touch of waves, and the ever changing texture of the beach.

Footprints and water on the beach

Summer afternoons on my favorite Silver Beach were always crowded with people, young and old, but mostly families with kids. I even took pictures of two boys that closely resembled my sons when they were in that happy, care free stage years ago.

Two boys on the beach

Like my Taurus; Like my Leo

Toys on the beach

After a few afternoon visits to the beach, I decided that they were not good for my psyche—they were too nostalgic! So instead, I decided to make my visits to Silver Beach in the very late afternoons, until the sunset. It really was a great idea! I loved that time when almost no one was there—except me and my shadow.

Silver Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ocean and the beach to my right

Silver Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ocean and the beach to my left

Sun over waves

Ocean in front of me

Two views of Silver Beach at sunset

Beach around me

Sunsets do not need any comments or captions!

Two views of sunset at Silver Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sun at horizon, Silver Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sun below horizon, Silver Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Alicja Mann's shadow waving goodbye Farewell to Cape Cod and hello sunny Tucson!

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Lessons from the Beach – Part Two

September 6, 2010

This is the continuation of my blog entry Lessons from the Beach that I posted last week just before Hurricane Earl’s arrival on the Cape and Islands. Well, Earl landed here rather softly — more like a tropical storm than a hurricane. I am very glad in spite of all the preparations and spoiled plans. Who needs all that hurricane aftermath? However, some people were disappointed — they would like to have a level of danger and excitement, but with no damage costs. Well, that is not a simple wish. After all Mother Nature is not like a cook in a restaurant, “Would you like your steak/storm to be rare, medium, or well done?” In any case, the ocean is calm now and the beaches are full of people again, enjoying their last weekend of summer.

In this visit to the beach I focused on observing much younger kids than in Lesson #1.

I hope you will enjoy this post although it can’t possibly substitute for a real visit to the beach.

Beach Lesson #2 – About determination, helping, cooperation, challenge, excitement and joy. Also about independence and the pleasure of solitude.

Making ponds in beach sand and supplying them endlessly with ocean water was a challenging task for each child. Perhaps joining forces could bring success?

Girl pouring water onto the beach from a bucket Boy and poured water puddle on beach

Boy walking toward girl on beach Boy and girl working together on beach

Oh, those waves!

Girl and boy on beach watch wave coming toward them On boogie boards in the ocean
Girl and boy on beach running from a wave

Sometimes it is nice to be alone.

Girl walking on beach Girl on beach fills box with sand

Summer ends today on Labor Day — this is the end of beach lessons and time for school lessons for many children visiting Cape Cod. But the ocean and beach will welcome them again next summer.

It is up to all of us, however, to make sure that our beaches will be clean and free of oil spills for future generations of children to enjoy.

People in ocean with sun behind

Bird on beach

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Lessons from the Beach – Part One

September 2, 2010

I stated in my last post of this blog, Trapped in a Vacation Place, that it takes some effort to practice vacationing in the place of so many memories, emotional investments, and commitments. There is no question about the beauty of Cape Cod and it would be foolish not to have some fun and relaxation in such a place. My friends’ comments (about that post) and good wishes convinced me. Many thanks! I did go several times to my favorite beach (and very popular one), Silver Beach in North Falmouth. It is only a mile from the house and liked for its good sand. I was also encouraged to post more pictures. So here are my photographic observations with a few words.

Beach Lesson #1 – About creativity, patience, satisfaction and optimism. Also about acceptance and ‘letting it go’.

This was a day of building sand castles, than destroying them or leaving them behind. The day was warm, clear and sunny. A lot of satisfaction was in the air.

This was a day of building holes — a competitive edge was there, but not that sharp. The walls had to be strong, especially on the ocean side. The holes had to be big enough for sitting in them.

But the wind and ocean waves will take away these sand creations, destroyed or left behind. That will only depend on the strength of the waves and passing time.

The ocean remains powerful and indifferent.

Speaking of ocean power — I have to go and get prepared for hurricane Earl’s arrival on the Cape! I will post the remaining lessons from the beach in a few days.

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Trapped in a Vacation Place

August 23, 2010

Before I left Tucson for our summer trip to Cape Cod, I pledged to some of my friends that this time I would take a real vacation. And Cape Cod is a perfect place for that — isn’t it? A true vacation land with plenty of the opportunities for having fun: going to the beach, art festivals, or outdoor music performances; visiting art galleries, bicycling, or dining at the restaurants with an ocean view. President Obama seems to think so too! He and his family are vacationing over here lately — not on the Cape, but on the very near island Martha’s Vineyard that offers much more privacy than the Cape. The Vineyard is well known as the celebrities’ vacation spot and it is accessible by boat or by air only. This island is so close to the Cape that some people can even swim to it. Not me! I, as most people who do not own a boat or an airplane, can get there by ferry. However I will not attempt to go there this week — let the Obamas have their vacation.

For me coming to the Cape is not really a vacation adventure, but more like a homecoming.

Cape Cod is the place where I made a home for myself in this country. Falmouth, Woods Hole, North Falmouth, Mashpee, and Hyannis are especially dear to me. I rooted here after my emigration from Poland. Here both of my sons were born (in this blog, I will call them Taurus and Leo — according to their Zodiac signs), and this is the place where they grew up. Here I became a naturalized American, and here also I faced my big challenges of becoming a writer — first for the Cape Cod Times and later for the Cape Cod Life. Consequently, the Cape became a true home for me. My bonds with this area, I dare to say, are even stronger than the bonds with my native Poland.

Our house here has its own long and complicated story plus plenty of peculiarities. It is a very unique house — there is no house like that around. “Oh, really?” one might ask. Yes, really. It was designed and built mostly by the hands of two people, who were deeply in love. The house was a part of their great dream. But the lovers abandoned that dream of togetherness and went their separate ways. Their love died, but the house remained and stood strong.

With time passing, the house has grown and changed just as our life has changed. For me, especially during the hardship of single motherhood, that house became a good, protective friend. It became my Tara!

More years passed and another big change faced the house — Taurus, Leo and I flew far away from it, and each flew in a different direction.

I followed my “call of the Southwest” and settled in Tucson, Arizona. Since then, the house has changed its meaning for me, but not its importance. Today it is like a book, or rather like a living diary. Looking at almost anything in this house feels like opening a page of that diary. It is absorbing, and it is time consuming.

Driving by familiar places is similar. Oh, here is the Falmouth Hospital where Taurus and Leo were born, and here is the North Falmouth Elementary School where they made their first steps in formal education. Oh, and here is the Silver Beach where they built their sand castles, and here is the Megansett Beach to which in later years they bicycled with their friends — free and happy! And there are so many “oh, here!” places like the Falmouth High School where they became young adults. That goes on and on… I become wrapped in nostalgia and start to feel ancient.

“Hey,” I say to myself in an attempt to shake off this mood, “you are supposed to have fun — go to the beach!” I try to remind myself about that pledge of having a vacation here. But is it really possible? I look around and can almost hear that ‘person-house’ talking to me: “You should trim the bushes,” and “How about fixing that door?” And the house continues, “Alicja, the deck was not stained for almost two years!” and “When are you going to get rid of the poison ivy?” So I became anxious and even angry.

Why is this house so demanding? Actually, it always was, but this summer is even more demanding, because it needs extra care and attention. It does not want to give up its status of being HOME and to become a secondary house. It does not want to be rented for another winter season and serve some strangers. It fears those changes. It fears being sold. In a true reality I know that those fears are really mine.

What I am discovering this summer is that it is not so easy to become a vacationer in the place that I invested myself so strongly and have so many memories. I guess I have to practice vacationing! So today I am going to the beach.

Before I go however, I would like to thank those of you who subscribed to my blog, and those who wrote your supportive comments. Thanks to you, the Internet is not as dark and as impersonal a place for me as it was before. After all, is it not indifference that writers fear most? I do. So I am happy to have you there!

Many thanks again, and here are three photos for you from my North Falmouth.

Main door of our house

Main door of our house

Megansett Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

At the Megansett Beach

Sunset at the Megansett Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sunset at the Megansett Beach

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