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From Highways with Love

September 30, 2011
A photo safari from the passenger seat
Northeast — Southwest

On the road again – go south and west my friend!

Trucks always fascinated me. How does one control such a big beast? And what is inside each of them?

When a truck is “naked”, it is even more interesting. I also love trucks’ shiny wheels. Here we are reflected in the hubcap of one of them. I am proud of that shot!

Today’s wind turbines adorn the landscape gracefully while generating electricity.

My affection for farms and farmland is captured in these photos.

Oh, those Nebraska roads!

Colorado (Denver) here we come … and go.

New Mexico has its own charm.

Finally Arizona — almost home! See you around.

* * *

Photos and text copyright © 2011 by Alicja Mann.

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