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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

August 1, 2013

seaweed and sand interesting image # 1

This masterpiece was created by ocean waves challenging the sand and weeds on the beach. I was enchanted by such “paintings” during my walks on Solana Beach, California, this past June.

Seaweed and sand interesting image #2

And here is another one!  The sand of Solana Beach is characteristically gray in comparison to the light beige of other sands I know on Cape Cod and Florida. It is that wide range of grayness that makes these images from Solana Beach so strong and unique. Their beauty and temporariness evoked my desire to make them a bit more permanent – with my photographic lens.

Little Flower Girl playing in the beach sand

Children love to play with sand on the beach, regardless what are the circumstances. I took this photo a few years ago while watching a formal wedding ceremony on Silver Beach (Cape Cod). This little Flower Girl just had to play with sand the minute her work of throwing petals was done!

Children seem to recognize instinctively the hidden beauty of seemingly ordinary things. Fortunately some adults do too.”Every grain of sand is a jewel waiting to be discovered,” according to Dr. Gary Greenberg of Hawaii who combines his knowledge of science and art of photography with amazing results. Thanks to my friend Valerie, who introduced me to Greenberg’s photography, I can share it with you.

See awesome masterpieces of nature under our feet!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

December 18, 2012

Delicate – delicate fabric, delicate flower, delicate touch, delicate feelings….

Delicate Neckline


Delicate is not robust, but sensitive, tender, and can be easily damaged. Yet delicate butterflies are strong enough to travel miles and miles to their destination point.

Delicate is vulnerable and fragile. The joyful side of delicateness is its delight. But it also can have a whisper of darkness – a fear of destruction and even death.


Darkness & Fragility

Flower Girl

The flames of the candles that I arranged on my studio table are delicate and can be extinguished easily with a whisper of the wind—just like the lives of 20 children were extinguished with the deadly power of the gun in their school last Friday. Seven lives of adults where destroyed as easily. The fragility of life is no match for the power of a gun.

Candles 27

Tears like drops of water are delicate, but hold the vision of a powerful river if in numbers.


Let our tears fall, again and again, not into the pool of forgetfulness and acceptance but into the river of change. Let them unite us in a powerful movement with determination to change.


Please take action at these links:

Share your personal message of condolence with the families of Newtown, Connecticut.

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Happy Witch-full Day!

October 29, 2012
Witch and pumpkin entering a store

Witch and Pumpkin

Girl in pink

In Fuzzy Pink

Girl with a pink pumpkin

Sometimes pumpkins are pink…

Boy with blue pumpkin

…and sometimes blue.

Girl in a witch costume

Hesitant Witch

Girl in ladybug costune

Lady Bug

Girl in witch costume looking at mannikin in store window

Oh, hello stranger!

Halloween can be a lot of fun and a small break from our concerns about the approaching Election Day. So have a nice break, but don’t forget to VOTE!


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Lessons from the Beach – Part Two

September 6, 2010

This is the continuation of my blog entry Lessons from the Beach that I posted last week just before Hurricane Earl’s arrival on the Cape and Islands. Well, Earl landed here rather softly — more like a tropical storm than a hurricane. I am very glad in spite of all the preparations and spoiled plans. Who needs all that hurricane aftermath? However, some people were disappointed — they would like to have a level of danger and excitement, but with no damage costs. Well, that is not a simple wish. After all Mother Nature is not like a cook in a restaurant, “Would you like your steak/storm to be rare, medium, or well done?” In any case, the ocean is calm now and the beaches are full of people again, enjoying their last weekend of summer.

In this visit to the beach I focused on observing much younger kids than in Lesson #1.

I hope you will enjoy this post although it can’t possibly substitute for a real visit to the beach.

Beach Lesson #2 – About determination, helping, cooperation, challenge, excitement and joy. Also about independence and the pleasure of solitude.

Making ponds in beach sand and supplying them endlessly with ocean water was a challenging task for each child. Perhaps joining forces could bring success?

Girl pouring water onto the beach from a bucket Boy and poured water puddle on beach

Boy walking toward girl on beach Boy and girl working together on beach

Oh, those waves!

Girl and boy on beach watch wave coming toward them On boogie boards in the ocean
Girl and boy on beach running from a wave

Sometimes it is nice to be alone.

Girl walking on beach Girl on beach fills box with sand

Summer ends today on Labor Day — this is the end of beach lessons and time for school lessons for many children visiting Cape Cod. But the ocean and beach will welcome them again next summer.

It is up to all of us, however, to make sure that our beaches will be clean and free of oil spills for future generations of children to enjoy.

People in ocean with sun behind

Bird on beach

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Lessons from the Beach – Part One

September 2, 2010

I stated in my last post of this blog, Trapped in a Vacation Place, that it takes some effort to practice vacationing in the place of so many memories, emotional investments, and commitments. There is no question about the beauty of Cape Cod and it would be foolish not to have some fun and relaxation in such a place. My friends’ comments (about that post) and good wishes convinced me. Many thanks! I did go several times to my favorite beach (and very popular one), Silver Beach in North Falmouth. It is only a mile from the house and liked for its good sand. I was also encouraged to post more pictures. So here are my photographic observations with a few words.

Beach Lesson #1 – About creativity, patience, satisfaction and optimism. Also about acceptance and ‘letting it go’.

This was a day of building sand castles, than destroying them or leaving them behind. The day was warm, clear and sunny. A lot of satisfaction was in the air.

This was a day of building holes — a competitive edge was there, but not that sharp. The walls had to be strong, especially on the ocean side. The holes had to be big enough for sitting in them.

But the wind and ocean waves will take away these sand creations, destroyed or left behind. That will only depend on the strength of the waves and passing time.

The ocean remains powerful and indifferent.

Speaking of ocean power — I have to go and get prepared for hurricane Earl’s arrival on the Cape! I will post the remaining lessons from the beach in a few days.

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