About Alicja Mann

Alicja Mann is a writer of creative nonfiction who divides her time between Tucson, Arizona and Cape Cod. She calls herself a writer in “another language”, since English is not her native tongue. Alicja immigrated to the States from her native Poland when it was dominated by Soviet style Communism. In her new country she transformed herself from a busy scientist (while being mother of two) to a writer. Today she is an accomplished writer, photographer, and publisher.

Alicja’s social and political commentaries, feature stories, profiles and interviews have been published in regional and national magazines including the Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Life, The New Leader and In These Times. She is a former op-ed columnist for the Cape Cod Times and co-author of Son of Mashpee, a book dedicated to the Wampanoags, their heritage and culture.

In Tucson, she worked with the students of Arizona International College as the mentor of book arts. Her newly published book of essays and poems titled Looking at the World Twice is a winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Award in the ”Short Story Nonfiction” category.

3 Comments on “About Alicja Mann”

  1. Eric Hubbell Says:

    Alicja, my pleasure spending the evening with you
    at the DoubleTree members party.
    Perhaps we will see you New Years eve.
    Happy Holidays. Eric

  2. I like your about page! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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