Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Besides being an opening in the wall of a building (framed and glassed) or the side of a car or train, a window symbolizes an openness, freedom, opportunity, and hope. So does a door, one might say, but a door can be shut in front of us and separate us from others – rapidly and powerfully. A door is not as penetrable as a window with its fragile glass. One can look through a window both ways – from inside out and from outside in.

Girl looking into glass window


People looking out train windows

As the world goes by…

Tucson traditional windows

Tucson traditional windows

Tucson modern windows & reflections in them

Tucson modern windows & reflections in them

Windows are vulnerable, just like our feelings. There is a reason why a house without windows often represents sadness. So when Roy Orbison sings, “I am moving to a house without windows,” it is clear that he is unhappy because his heart was broken by the loss of a great love.

A table with bottle of wine next to the window decorated with delicate curtains


And there is another type of symbolism that relates to eyes and windows. Some see eyes as the windows to our (so called) soul, while others see them as windows to the world and how we perceive that world.

A decorative ceramic plate by Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti’s concept

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Text and photos copyright © 2013 by Alicja Mann, except for the Piero Fornasetti decorated plate © 1995 by Fornasetti

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9 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window”

  1. Vince Radzik Says:

    Bravo…revelations of our world and its inhabitants.

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello, and many thanks!

      “Awesome” is a powerful, complimenting word – thanks again!

      • I specifically loved the first picture …. It has some unsaid magic 🙂

      • Alicja Mann Says:

        Hello Sonal, so nice to know your name!

        This is my response to your comment below. There was no “Reply” choice after that comment you made. I do not understand why. Oh well…

        You are very poetic person, Sonal, (I know because I visited your blog) that is why you see the first photo of my post that way. Indeed it has some magic that I wanted others to see and it is very satisfying when it happens! Many thanks – Alicja

  2. Mark Trocchi Says:

    Very cool….very profound.  Thanks again for great pics and blog.  I think of these as “e-meditations”…..a moment when I must stop what I do.  Sit still.  See something meaningful and then contemplate that meaning.  Thanks again for the positive vibe.

      Mark Trocchi


    • Alicja Mann Says:

      “E-meditations” – what a nice concept and a great complement for me! Thank you Mark -Alicja

      • Alicja Mann Says:

        NOTE – to ALL Readers of this post of my blog

        I pressed totally by accident LIKE on this post and did not know how to remove it! Nobody could help me and I run out of time to pursue that.

        Of course I like my own post – I would not publish it if I did not, but posting my own LIKE is simply embarrassing for me!

        Sorry for that, and thanks for your understanding.


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