Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Commonly the word layers is associated with layers of rocks or bricks, layers of sweet tasty cake, or layers of clothes – especially now when cold days are on our horizon. However, there are several meanings of this word. Here is one of them: layer – “a hen kept for egg production.”

Chicken in their coop

Here are my photos of “layers of layers” traveling or rather being transported to their new destination – perhaps to lay more eggs or…perhaps not.

Layers of white containers with chickens (layers)

Chicken in theirs containers being transported on a red truck

During one of my visits in Amsterdam (several years ago) I was stunned and mesmerized by colorful layers of bicycles waiting patiently for their riders in specially designated places – right in the heart of that big European city.

Layers of parked bicycles in special designated multi level place in center of Amsterdam

Many European cities are bicycle-friendly. Amsterdam is in fact super friendly. Consequently, the Dutch can eat their layered cakes without feeling guilty or fearful of gaining weight. Our cities should be full of bicycle-envy and follow Amsterdam’s path.

More bicycles in Amsterdam


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Text and photos copyright © 2013 by Alicja Mann

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4 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers”

  1. likeitiz Says:

    I noticed the vast layers of bikes in Amsterdam too! They have the right ideas for transport. And it is very well supported by the people. Imagine a place where there are separate bike lanes all over a city like theirs!

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      I totally agree. If we (you and I) know that it is imaginable than others might imagine, and perhaps we will see such layers of bikes in American cities too. Well, maybe not so soon,,,,

      Thanks for your comment – Alicja

  2. Mark Trocchi Says:

    To the “layers” I say good luck.  I have a funny feeling, however, that they are going to be consumed by “payers” at KFC or Popeye’s….

      Mark Trocchi

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