Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

There is a natural readiness in us to label our habits as bad or good ones. They are also difficult to photograph. For instance, my good habit of religiously wearing a seatbelt while driving is not very photogenic, nor is my bad habit of misplacing sunglasses and frantically searching for them – a few moments before leaving home.

My custom of drinking wine on the patio at sunset I consider a very pleasant and definitely photogenic habit.

Patio on the end of the day.Glass of wine on the patio's table

Ever since we built our large, sunny patio that connects and embraces the house, my studio and a beautiful mesquite tree, we have had the custom, an end-of-the-day routine, to sit on the patio and enjoy the last warm rays of sun. The fact that the sun goes down right behind my studio is a nice coincidence for me. I welcome that soft announcement of the end of the day and, perhaps, the end of my work…. A glass of wine is a must!

closeup of the glass of wine and image of the studio

I offer a toast to the gentle, late warmth of Tucson’s sun, since most of the day that very same sun is hot and harsh – even in the middle of November.

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Text and photos copyright © 2013 by Alicja Mann

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8 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit”

  1. Don Richardson Says:

    Alicja: Bottoms up! Don Richardson gaia@comporium.net With rare exceptions, our government is a stinking cesspool of corruption.

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Thank you Don, and cheers to you!

      Did you travel west this summer? I did not hear from you for a long time. When you visit Tucson some day (on your way to California), we will talk about politics and drink some wine or beer. How about that?

  2. Pam Polloni Says:

    Hi Alicja, I like the idea of a good habit, routinely having a glass of wine on the patio. Your patio certainly looks inviting. Wishing you lovely, restful evenings on the patio in the coming weeks.

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Thank you Pam! Tucson’s weather is still very kind and warm to enjoy patio time. Is there on your horizon a visit to Tucson next year? With my best wishes to you and your family – Alicja

  3. Mark Trocchi Says:

    the last warm rays of the setting sun and glass of white wine…..sounds good to me.  Thanks for the inspiration.  It’s just getting colder with each passing week up north……even here in VA.  Keep up the good blogs.  I enjoy them.  It breaks up the business day every time they arrive.  Thanks.  All the best for you and yours this holiday season.

      Mark Trocchi

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Mark – sorry that I have a “not-so-good habit” of procrastination in my responses. I truly appreciate your comments – is is always good to hear from you. Many thanks!

  4. misplacing sunglasses…
    Most unexpected places we find my wife’s glasses are regions of my studio , surprisingly enough,

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