Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

This photo challenge arrived at a perfect moment for me. Being absent for three months from these pages, I was having a hard time to get back to them. Why? Many doubts, many worries, lack of time. So I welcomed “the horizon challenge” photographically and, even more so, metaphorically.

The boundary between earth and sky, as the horizon is usually defined, is easy to visualize. The synonyms of horizon – range, perspective, limit, scope, reach – are also familiar. My favorite is “a field of vision.”

Here is a photo that I took this past September while visiting Cape Cod.

Two birds and the horizon

The minute I noticed these birds’ synchronized sitting, I knew that I had to capture the moment! I was afraid that they would fly away the minute I touched my camera. This time I was lucky – they did not! I was even able to take a couple more pictures of them.

One bird with the dark horizon

The field of vision differs greatly for each bird. For this one, it is a dark field.

Another bird with the bright horizon

And for this bird, it is a very bright field – almost blinding.

The same horizon, different fields of vision! This is also how we, people, perceive our horizons, our vistas, or our dreams…very differently!

The darkness arriving with the night or heavy dark clouds covering the sky affect greatly our visions, our perspectives. And that’s what has happened to me recently. The huge dark cloud of grief and disappointment engulfed me and blocked my vista.

For birds dark clouds will be blown away by strong winds. For us, people, that seldom happens. So I know that it is I who has to move that dark cloud away– inch by inch– till the horizon appears again, clear and crisp….

Sea horizon with a dark cloud over it

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Text and photos copyright © 2013 by Alicja Mann

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18 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon”

  1. MarkTrocchi Says:

    Hey . Great photos and text. I was wondering what happened to the blogs, so it was great to see one this AM…..Halloween. Have a good one and don’t be afraid of ghosts……..

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Mark,

      As always it is good to hear from you. Thanks for reading my blog and for liking it. Halloween was actually very nice for me – no ghosts after all!

      Keep in touch – Alicja

  2. I am glad to see you back. I do not like when you disappear from my horizon.

  3. mithriluna Says:

    Very nice! Great “back to blogging” post!

  4. Marge Says:

    Lovely images. Welcome back!

  5. Marina G. Says:

    Alicja, on this day, Halloween, your blog post was indeed my treat!

    Beautifully done, and, if I may add, the sun in your photo appeared to me as giving a gigantic MUAH! — Like the print lipstick leaves from a kiss!

    Maybe nobody else would see it that way, but that’s the way it struck me — particularly when I clicked on the photo to enlarge it.

    Great picture and valuable contemplation. Happy Halloween, Alicja, and may the spirits be good and kind.

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Marina,

      Thank you for your wish! Indeed it was a nice Halloween for me this year.

      I have to admit that Halloween is not my favorite day of the year, so for some time already (actually since my arrival in Tucson) I got into habit of “running away” from Halloween. This time it was with my friend (LB) into a very nice sushi bar of Yoshimatsu where food and service are really great.

      As far that sun kiss is concern – what a nice perspective! Thank you for that as well.

      With my best wishes,

  6. Christina Says:

    I so agree that when those dark clouds come, we are the ones inch by inch who restore our horizon.

  7. Marina G. Says:

    A very menacing dark cloud has come my way today, and I came back to your blog to read it again for the inspiration. “Inch by inch” is what I needed to read, to help me hang on. Thanks.

  8. to move that dark cloud away– inch by inch– till the horizon appears again, clear and crisp…
    Moving away can help in difficult cases of troubled horizon view; but it has a bad reputation as escaping.

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Andrzej and sorry for this delay. Also, many thanks for subscribing to my blog – I truly appreciate that!

      In response to your comment; by moving that dark cloud I meant to deal with something very difficult in life “inch by inch “ = day after day, to have the strength to face it, and to solve it – not running away from it! I totally agree with you that escaping from it does not work.

      Again, wielkie dzieki and I hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Pam Polloni Says:

    I finally relocated your horizons blog and wanted to tell you that I listened a couple of days ago to Diane Rehm’s interview with Richard Blanco, http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2013-11-19/richard-blanco-all-us-one-today.
    I thought of you and highly recommend listening.

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