Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

I hesitate greatly to reveal my secrets, but this weekly photo challenge calls for it … so here you have it – my favorite companionable friend is… my shadow! By stating this I might upset some of my dear “flesh and blood” friends, but yes – I truly like my shadow and enjoy its companionship a lot! We walk and hike together; we sit together and think about thousands of issues and wonders of the world.

My shadow is very patient and flexible – never complains or argues. It follows me everywhere, disappears tactfully when I go to sleep, and is ready to go at weird hours in the morning. What a great companion in the very late hours of the night since it is never tired! Youthful, reliable, and very loyal. This is truly one of my best “for better, for worse… till death do us part” relationships!

My shadow on the patio

Shadow on the patio

My shadow on the deck

Shadow on the deck

And here is another secret of mine. I learned to pay attention to my shadow many years ago and I learned it from my 4 year-old (at that time) son Leo (not his real name but an astrological one for my writings). I do remember that day so well, as if time had not passed at all since then!

It was the quiet morning of a sunny spring day on Cape Cod. My toddler Leo was playing outside all by himself; his older brother was in school already, and no other friends of Leo were around. Being a bit concerned, I walked outside and asked, “You don’t have any friends to play with today, Leo – aren’t you feeling lonely?” “Oh no, Mommy,” he responded, “I am playing with my shadow!”

What a terrific concept! I was stunned and deeply touched, my eyes became misty.

From that day my shadow and I started a good friendship as well. That relationship became even more significant when I began my photographic endeavors. In fact, after several years, I honored my shadow by making it the trademark of my photography. Some of you who have read my blog for a while might have noticed that already, especially since my shadow is placed in the header of this blog.

 My shadow - my trademark

My shadow – my trademark

I love to travel in summer, and so does my shadow. Every year in June Tucson is under a strong and very uncomfortable spell of heat. What a pity! June is a lovely month elsewhere. So I followed the call of the ocean as indicated in the previous post: https://alicjamann.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/weekly-photo-challenge-curves/

This time an attempt to escape the heat took us, for a short time, to the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, California. Del Mar was the destination, but Solana Beach became my favorite spot.

 Entry to Solana Beach - long and steep wooden stairs

Entry to Solana Beach

 View of Solana Beach

Solana Beach

Author of the post walking on the line where ocean meets the sand

On that line

What a treat it was – I wish everybody who needs a small break could have it!

My shadow and I took late afternoon walks on the beach (usually empty at that time) following that line where the hard wet sand and the water touch each other in the rhythm of the ocean waves.

I love dancing, and I never had a better dance partner than my shadow. The day before returning home, we made a perfectly synchronized dance in honor of the monsoon which was supposed to arrive in Tucson any day.

Dancing on the beach - step one

Dancing on the beach - step two

Dancing on the beach - step three

Dancing on the beach - step four

The dance was effective – there was some rain in Tucson upon our return, but it did not last long. Perhaps the dance was too short. Perhaps we will have to repeat it over here in the desert. Perhaps more people should dance to bring down the rain – just like Native Americans do. I wrote about that in my post: https://alicjamann.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/monsoon-report-from-the-patio/

Have a nice Independence Day holiday!

Please do some dancing for rain or for sunshine… or for whatever you wish the dance will bring.


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Text and photos copyright © 2013 by Alicja Mann

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8 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable”

  1. HANA Ripp Says:

    Love it! Call me, let, get together soon, email me so I can update you on all that I .m involved in

  2. Alicja Mann Says:

    Thank you Hana!
    I will call you next week. Enjoy this weekend!

  3. Mark Trocchi Says:

    A very shadowy blog.  Like the beach shots.  I’ve been in Cyprus….great beaches there too.  Contact me re:  the Slavic Studies conference this Fall.  I think the dates are in early Nov. or late Oct.  I have contact info for becoming a member, participating in the conference as a speaker and info re: their publications.  You have a title or two to exhibit, yes ?

      Mark Trocchi


    • Alicja Mann Says:

      I will call! Yes, please send me some information about the Slavic Studies Conference.

      Again – thanks, and sorry of being late in responding to your both comments.

  4. Abigail Says:

    Leo seems like he has a wonderful imagination. What a fun way to think about shadows! This reminds me of Peter Pan and how upset he was when he lost his.

  5. […] here is another one!  The sand of Solana Beach is characteristically gray in comparison to the light beige of other sands I know on Cape Cod and […]

  6. Marina G Says:

    Alicja, I have been so lost the past few weeks, that I am now just discovering, with pleasure, some of your recent blogs. I was inspired by this one today and then, during a phone conversation this evening, a friend was relaying a talk she had with herself to counteract her feelings of isolation. The spirit of what she said reminded me of your “Companionable” essay, and so I read it to her, and she loved it, too!

    Perhaps next time, my shadow will help to keep me from getting so lost. Thank you!

  7. […] past year I started with “dancing my troubles away.” I also danced for rain in Tucson while on Solana Beach last June. In both cases the dancing was not very effective – my troubles did not go away, and we did […]

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