Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

This is a relatively easy challenge to photograph from above, and a pleasant task indeed! It leads naturally to taking pictures of plants and interesting food dishes, as well as clouds and the ground from airplanes or high, elevated areas. The results are more predictable, perhaps, than the photos of the previous challenge “Up”, but very enjoyable.

Small rhubarb in dark soil

Spring has arrived by now in most of the States, and many of us are involved in gardening. This small rhubarb was embraced by my pink garden shoes while I was taking this photo. The dark, rich soil is characteristic of gardens in New England. I took this photo a year ago while visiting our place on Cape Cod. This fleshy plant grows well over there, but it is not at all suitable for our Tucson’s dry land.

Spiky plant fof  the Southwest

Southwest plants are not very huggable, yet they are beautiful and amazingly capable to strive in poor soil conditions. I adore them for their “spikiness” that represents their feistiness and strength.

White flowers of oleander

Oleanders are grown in many areas of this country and are popular in the Southwest, as well. These decorative plants are easier to approach since they are relatively soft and not thorny. There is some danger of being poisoned by them, and that’s why they are not always welcome in private yards. Personally, I love them in any color— from red and hot pink to pale pink and white.

Colorful electric cords

This photo I dedicate mostly to men who love to tinker in their garages and other spaces cluttered with tools, pipes and cords. One can find beauty in any place!

Pizza topped with spinach

Scallops served on colorful plate

Here are my two FOOD photos – a very healthy pizza followed by my favorite dish of scallops.

Small pomagranade plant with one red flower

This small baby pomegranate, which I named Weston, is a very promising little tree, especially after being transplanted into the ground. Soon it will be covered with many flowers like this one and, hopefully, produce fruit that is known for being handsome and healthy.

A pink pretty rose

This very simple and elegant rose is a new addition to our patio. I have chosen it to celebrate the coming Mother’s Day. This rose is delicate and tender, yet very strong and resilient – just like mothers are.

Have a great and affectionate Mother’s Day!


Last year at this time, I wrote a post titled Mother’s Day Reflections:  https://alicjamann.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/mothers-day-reflections/

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Text and photos copyright © 2013 by Alicja Mann

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9 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above”

  1. Lesley Bailey Says:

    Beautiful photos, full of the joy of spring! Your oleanders are exceptionally beautiful, Alicja–I think “fancier” in their petals than my white ones, which are nonetheless also beautiful right now. Let’s try to make a plan to get together next week.

  2. Alicja Mann Says:

    Thank you Lesley! I truly hope to see you soon.

  3. senimahar Says:

    ” Hi Alicja, it’s really beautiful … ty “

  4. Alicja Mann Says:

    Many thanks! …ty?


  5. […] Notes on events, ideas & places « Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above […]

  6. Mark Trocchi Says:

    Tonight’s my night to catch up on the accumulations in my in box.  “Up is a nice place to be”.  Somebody told me that in the ’60’s and I’ve used the phrase, when appropriate, ever since.  Keep up the great blogs and photos.  They’re always UPliftiing..

      Mark Trocchi


    • Alicja Mann Says:

      This is my very late response – I am also trying to catch up! Thank you for your comments and for your presence in my blog.
      It is truly nice!

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