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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

November 28, 2012

Bookshelves with books

Yes! I am thankful for having books around me! They are in every room of our home. Their presence, their variety of shapes, sizes and colors, is of great comfort to me. I enjoy seeing them on the bookshelves and on the tables. They are like friends.

I love holding in my hands a traditionally published book, enjoying the texture of its pages and even its subtle smell. There is some intimacy, both sensual and intellectual, in reading such a book.

I simply love the companionship of books and can hardly imagine life without them. Linda Pastan expressed that feeling perfectly in her poem The Bookstall, which ends with the lines:

And I hold them, one in each hand,
a curious ballast weighting me
here to the earth.

So I am thankful for the writers who write books, the publishers who bring them to life, and the libraries and bookstores that make them visible and available.

Round table with books

When I deal with a difficult personal issue and need some help, I often end up in a bookstore and wander a bit aimlessly among the bookshelves. Soon enough, somehow I end up with a book that becomes another helpful friend – a new addition to my book collection.

Rectangular table with books

Thanks to books I was able to travel through difficult times in my life with their guidance, information, and inspiration. In fact, I was so inspired by them that I became a writer myself.


P.S. Last December I wrote a post to this blog titled The Power of Books. I hope you will enjoy reading (or rereading) it.

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Text and photos copyright © 2012 by Alicja Mann.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

November 20, 2012

Three Heineken beer cans

I like the shade of metallic green that envelops my favorite beer. It contrasts elegantly with the silver of the can and the touch of red in the little star.

Beer bread

I also like the relaxing green of the worktable in my studio. I use it often as a background when photographing small objects, like this beer bread that I baked last Monday.

Recipe for beer bread

The recipe for the beer bread surfaced lately while I was reorganizing some old papers. It is a smile from the past that I would like to share with you.

The recipe is so simple and speedy that it is irresistible to try. I hope that its result will bring a smile to you, too.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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Text and photos copyright © 2012 by Alicja Mann.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

November 14, 2012

There is a lot of optimism in the word renewal. Just its part “new” is exciting – it has elements of curiosity, adventure, and risk. Renewal is a complex concept that requires desire for it and willingness to pay the price. It takes energy, overcoming a variety of obstacles, and often a lot of struggle. The ultimate goal of renewal is joy and satisfaction. Even so, the result may be a disappointment.

Here is my visualization of renewal.

Renewal of life is powerful and joyful, especially in the desert

Saguaro cactus with new growth

House beiing remodeled

An old house becomes a new home

President Obama on television after his re-election

Renewal of hope. The 6th of November was a happy night – for many of us.

People waving American flags

Electric-generating windmill

Renewable energy – a great chance for our planet

Southwestern wall with a windowed face

To renew oneself is difficult – as diverse a challenge as diverse people are. In truth, it is a form of metamorphosis.

So renew yourself! And good luck.

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Text and photos copyright © 2012 by Alicja Mann.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

November 5, 2012


I see geometry everywhere!  Enjoy these photos – Alicja


Desert Soldiers  © Alicja Mann



Squares  © Alicja Mann



Just 4U  © Alicja Mann



Sea Dogs Resting  © Alicja Mann



Southwest Windows  © Alicja Mann



Roses of the Southwest  © Alicja Mann



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