Happy Witch-full Day!

Witch and pumpkin entering a store

Witch and Pumpkin

Girl in pink

In Fuzzy Pink

Girl with a pink pumpkin

Sometimes pumpkins are pink…

Boy with blue pumpkin

…and sometimes blue.

Girl in a witch costume

Hesitant Witch

Girl in ladybug costune

Lady Bug

Girl in witch costume looking at mannikin in store window

Oh, hello stranger!

Halloween can be a lot of fun and a small break from our concerns about the approaching Election Day. So have a nice break, but don’t forget to VOTE!


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Text and photos copyright © 2012 by Alicja Mann.

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4 Comments on “Happy Witch-full Day!”

  1. Don Richardson Says:

    Alicja: The witches that scare me the most are Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. Come by my house and I’ll give you all the chocolates you can eat or hide on your person. BOO! Don Richardson gaia@comporium.net Stop terrorism at its source: Bomb Washington

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hi Don!

      Your statement (in the above comment) about bombing Washington is not funny – I do not think that it is a good political joke (as I assume you intended it to be) for this Halloween, or even for the April the Fools’ Day! I wonder whom you are trying to provoke.


      You did not respond to my question about your idea (in your comment to my “Voting” blog) of moving to Costa Rica. Again the same question – what are you going to do over there?

  2. Mark Trocchi Says:

    And happy Halloween to you…..on a dark and blustery night here in Northern VA.  Big storm, big scares, small damage locally.  Not the case for friends and family in NJ and NY.  Great photos.  Keep up the good blog work.

      Mark Trocchi


    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Thank you Mark!

      As you know, Tucson is basically free from any storms, and I am happy to report that my beloved Cape Cod did not get hit as hard by Sandy as it was anticipated – only one tree down on our property and the house was not damaged at all! I feel very sad for those who did not have such a good luck.

      Have a calm, sunny weekend,

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