Happy Name Day!

It is very seldom that something nice comes “out of the blue” for me, but this time it did happen! And the timing could not have been more perfect. I was not in the greatest of moods. It was very hot in Tucson, and my name day (which is the day this post is being published) did not look very promising. If you wonder what a name day is, please see an explanation at the bottom of this post*.

My name day was coming within hours when I got a terrific e-mail from my friend Connie, who got it from someone else. She forwarded to me a collection of music to share. It made my day! I shortened the list to focus on well known musicians and music groups.

For me it was a gift of music instead of flowers for my day. I want to share this gift with you.

pink oleander flowers

Click on an artist or group name, enjoy the music, and .

1) Elvis Presley 2) Roy Orbison 3) Beatles 4) Abba 5) Bee Gees 6) Michael Jackson 7) John Lennon 8) Celine Dion 9) Frank Sinatra 10) Creedence Clearwater Revival 11) Julio Iglesias 12) Queen 13) Neil Diamond 14) Paul Mccartney 15) Rolling Stones 16) Pink Floyd 17) Bruce Springsteen 18) Elton John 19) U2 20) George Harrison 21) Cliff Richard 22) Tina Turner 23) Bob Marley 24) Andrea Bocelli 25) Dire Straits 26) Barbra Streisand 27) Eagles 28) Madonna 29) Simon & Garfunkel 30) AC/DC 31) Bob Dylan 32) Dean Martin 33) André Hazes 34) Tom Jones 35) Eric Clapton 36) John Denver 37) Eros Ramazzotti 38) Deep Purple 39) Led Zeppelin 40) Rod Stewart 41) Status Quo 42) Louis Armstrong 43) Fleetwood Mac 44) Bryan Adams 45) Jimi Hendrix 46) Barry White 47) Nat King Cole 48) Santana 49) Michael Buble 50) Gipsy Kings 51) David Bowie 52) Adriano Celentano 53) Robbie Williams 54) Charles Aznavour 55) Metallica 56) Doors 57) Shakira 58) Beach Boys 59) Cat Stevens 60) Bon Jovi 61) UB40 62) Joe Cocker 63) Whitney Houston 64) Phil Collins 65) Enrique Iglesias 66) Ricky Martin 67) Ray Charles 68) K3 69) ZZ Top 70) Van Morrison 71) Ringo Starr 72) Stevie Wonder 73) Gloria Estefan 74) Supertramp 75) Jethro Tull 76) Black Sabbath 77) Marco Borsato 78) Guns N’ Roses 79) Neil Young 80) Chuck Berry 81) Billy Joel 82) Sting 83) Kinks 84) R.E.M. 85) Laura Pausini 86) Genesis 87) Who 88) Monkees 89) Animals 90) Simple Minds 91) Prince 92) Aretha Franklin 93) B.B. King 94) Iron Maiden 95) Pearl Jam 96) Christina Aguilera 97) Alice Cooper 98) Depeche Mode 99) Nirvana

*What is a name day?

Well, on many European calendars, days are marked with names, showing that different days are identified with different names—for instance, a day for Thomas, David, Martha, or Ann. It all started in ancient times with the days named for saints. In contemporary Poland, however, that is no longer the case. There is no saint Alicja and yet I have my day on the calendar and share it with Alojzy (for saint Alojzy). So on the 21st of June all Alicjas are celebrating their day. It is the longest day of the year and usually is the first day of summer. I always loved that day — full of sunshine and flowers!

The nice thing about name days is that there is no problem to remember them, because the names are printed on all calendars and are announced on the radio and TV stations at the beginning of the day. For instance, if it is Joseph’s day and you have a friend by that name, you better run to a flower or liquor shop to purchase something that Joseph likes, and go to celebrate that day with him.

The best part for the celebrant is that he has a lot of attention and nobody talks about his age, as happens here on birthdays.

* * *

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* * *

Text (except music list) and photos copyright © 2012 by Alicja Mann.

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13 Comments on “Happy Name Day!”

  1. Robert Casler Says:


    Happy Name Day!


  2. Marina G. Says:

    Happy Name Day, beautiful Alicja! I like the name day way of celebrating a person. It seems that this way you are automatically a part of a community that is celebrating you. Nobody is left out. Your name is right there on the calendar and a part of the public consciousness. An uplifting communal ritual. Yay!!

    Hope your day is full of sunshine and flowers, as the music has already been taken care of. 🙂



    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Dear Marina,

      Thank you for your wishes and your comment! Indeed it was a very nice day for me and definitely nicer than my B-day this year! Actually I wrote this post to lift my own spirit because I miss true celebrations and getting together with friends lately. Perhaps this nice, and as you called it, “uplifting ritual” will catch here as well? Please see the info that Sebastian sent below in his comment.


      • Marina G. Says:

        That is a wonderful contribution that Sebastian has made and I would be happy to spread the word about it!

  3. Lesley Says:

    Happy Name Day one day late, Alicja! I wonder if there is a Lesley day. Probably not. I have been trying to email you to set up a time to get together, but for some reason I keep getting messages back saying my mail is not going through. At least the first one did, so we’re in touch. Let’s talk this weekend and make a plan. I miss seeing you and David, too.

    The first day of summer is always a little sad for me, though, because the days are now getting shorter.


    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Dear Lesley,

      Please read what I wrote to Marina (above) and check the website posted by Sebastian in his comment (below). Accodring to the”Calendar with Names” created by CWN group in Naples, Florida, your name day is on 25th of April.

      Hey, we might start a “name day movement” in this country!

  4. Pam Says:

    Happy Name Day Alicja!

  5. If you would like to find your day see this link:

  6. Alicja Mann Says:

    Hello Sebastian,

    That is a great gift you made for all readers here!

    As I stated in response to Lesley’s comment (above) – we might just have a “name day movement” over here soon! I love that idea!

    Thanks a lot for finding that link!

  7. Thank you for the music links! Listened to some favorites and discovered some new ones!

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