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Spring Fever

April 13, 2012
Ms. Spring

Ms. Spring by 6-year-old Beatka from Poland

Ms. Spring has definitely arrived where she should arrive by this time. In Tucson she has been spreading her charm with flowers for a while already — yellow and pink ones dominating. She also brought me the yearly fever – Spring Fever that is! You might have some symptoms of it too. Here are mine — a hard time to concentrate on any creative work (like writing) that confines me to my studio, restlessness, the desire to garden, to walk, to bicycle, to watch birds, to shop for a new patio umbrella, to visit with friends, to do whoever knows what!

She is very demanding and insists that I be with her — outdoors of course! So the idea of spring break is very attractive to me, and I decided to take one. I hope you can do it too.

mesquite tree and flowers

Zorba the Tree and Flowers

wheelbarrow and flowers

Spring Work

bicycle in front of studio

Ready and Tempting

Alicja Mann's shadow with flowers

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