Photo Notes from Montgomery

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, is known today as a cradle of the Civil Rights Movement. This is the place where a quiet action by Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. Ten years later, another spark ignited the fire of the Voting Rights Movement — the famous, bloody march from Selma to Montgomery. It ultimately resulted in the signing by President Lyndon Johnson of the Voting Rights Act on August 6, 1965.

Because I did not live in this country at that time, I could only learn about the U.S. Civil Rights Movement from books and documentaries. This August I took the opportunity to visit Montgomery and “touch” the reality of the place. It was quite an experience and I will write about it later, but for now I am sharing with you a few photos from that historic place.

Alicja Mann at famous bus stop in Montgomery, Alabama

At the Famous Bus Stop

Commemorative sign at famous Montgomery bus stop

Bus Stop - words

Fountain near beginning of bus stop boycott, Montgomery AL

Fountain nearby

Civil Rights Memorial  Center, Montgomery, Alabama

Civil Rights Memorial Center

Civil Rights Memorial Center, Montgomery AL

Civil Rights Memorial Center

Alicja Mann at Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery AL

At the Civil Rights Memorial

Civil Rghts Memorial close-up - Montgomery, Alabama

Civil Rights Memorial - close up

Tribute to nonviolent movements- Montgomery, AL

Tribute to Nonviolent Movements

Kng Memorial Baptist Church, Montgomery AL

King Memorial Baptist Church

There was another important reason for my visit to Montgomery. Two years ago I met Mary Robinson, a Civil Rights and textile union activist from Montgomery, while she was visiting Tucson and signing her book Moisture of the Earth. As authors, we signed and exchanged our books and promised to visit each other someday.

That did happen this August in Montgomery. Here we are in Mary’s home. We even signed our books for each other again with hope for more visits.

Alicja Mann and Mary Robinson

Alicja and Mary

Flowers and Alicja Mann's shadow - Montgomery, Alabama

Flowers from Montgomery

* * *

Text and photos copyright © 2011 by Alicja Mann.

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8 Comments on “Photo Notes from Montgomery”

  1. Karen Says:

    Very nice Alicja! Glad you are enjoying the summer.

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Always good to hear from you Karen! I hope you are having a nice summer too.

      I still do not have your current address – can’t send you a postcard without it!

  2. Lesley Bailey Says:

    I have always wanted to visit the “deep south,” so I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip. My mom sends her best from Wisconsin, where I have been enjoying my family, the cooler weather and the greener landscape immensely. It’s always nice to get back to Tucson, though. Love to you and D. -Lesley

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      It must be great visiting your Mom and your family, Lesley! I do not know Wisconsin at all, but maybe some day I will be there too.

      The “deep south” is very interesting for me, because of its history. I would love to have more time over there.

      Cape Cod is intensely green this summer and as always very charming. With warm wishes for you and your Mom – Alicja

  3. Marge Says:

    So wonderful to see this photo of you and Mary.
    Give her a hug for me!

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