Studio Event – Photography

This weekend I will be wearing a different hat, that of a photographer rather than a writer. I will participate in a popular event among artists and residents of Tucson — an Open Studio Tour.

Every year in the fall the Tucson Pima Arts Council (TPAC) organizes that event with great skill and dedication. As a result the Open Studio Tour is growing into a bigger, more popular, and more prestigious event. This Saturday and Sunday, November 13th and 14th, from 11am till 5pm, over 200 artists of Tucson will open their studio doors and welcome visitors. Here is the LINK where you can find the participating artists and their studios.

I will be honored if you find time to visit my studio. Please do come, see my new photos, gather some information about our book design and publishing, and just have some fun.

Here are a few words about my photography.

I was a writer before I became a photographer. The photography sprang from my writing and publishing assignments and it became an integral part of my life — a joyful one. It brings a good balance to the very demanding, lonely, and often frustrating act of writing. Writing and photography — I love them both, just like two different children.

So far my photography is narrative, rather than experimental. I try to show how I see things around me, what fascinates me, tell a story, or make a comment.

My strongest interests in photography are people, plants, and architecture.

Photographic close-ups of people’s faces are the landscapes of their souls in my opinion, while plants fascinate me with the contrast of their fragility and strength.

Thistle Man in Tubac, Arizona

I like photographing architectural structures because they tell us a lot about the place, the time, and the people who created them.

Tucson through an archway Agave

While traveling across this country twice a year (from Tucson to Cape Cod and back) and enjoying being a passenger most of the time rather than a driver, I have a great opportunity of taking my photo observations “on the road.” My hope is to share them later with others in my photo essays — an exciting combination of words and images.

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Copyright © 2010 by Alicja Mann

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3 Comments on “Studio Event – Photography”

  1. Marina Says:

    Lovely blog, Alicja! I’ll definitely be there, and I’ll bring a friend or two.

    Thank you for graciously opening your studio to the Tucson community. See you this weekend!

    • Ken C Says:

      Being more of a visual person than verbal,your photos are wonderful. The “organic pic” has such great movement. (The O’Keefe composition).

  2. Connie Graham Says:


    How sorry I am that I was working and didn’t open my mail for several days when this WAVE arrived! I would have loved to have revisited your interesting studio to experience your photography, plus the changes you surely made since I was last there.
    This calls to mind your WAVE on TIME. Excuse me, but I must now ask: did I lose time, or lose a little bit of life because i had no time to read my mail? If I was productive at my task, did my productivity help me to gain time (presumably for other things)? …But what if having the extra time mattered less to me than what I missed?
    I think the value to me or intensity of how I spend my time, is a factor in whether it crosses my mind that i lost it. At some special point, time can seem to become nonexistent….perhaps another way of describing the stopping of time of which you speak. (And there are even scientists who present this idea also—the non-existence of time.)

    Enough for time—i am sorry to have missed your event.

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