When Summer Ends on Cape Cod…

For most people on the Cape this summer ended on Labor Day, but according to Mother Nature on this year’s calendar it ends on the 22nd of September. In the past, while living on the Cape full time, I had my very own way of detecting the end of summer. It was always one of the last days of August, different days in different years, but the feeling was the same and I recall it well.

That end of summer for me would come on a warm, sunny day when trees looked royal with the sun’s golden touch. It was the day when I could detect that the sun’s warmth was different than on the day before — I could sense it with my skin. That warmth was not as intense, but soft and not reassuring of its arrival the next day. The air was a bit hazy and one could hear the characteristic insects’ buzz announcing the season’s change. I knew that the very next morning crisp air would arrive — autumn’s messenger. So I would sit for a while on my favorite rock in the yard near the house, wrapped in that soft warmth, and watch things around me. I would imagine leaves falling from the trees, cold winds blowing into the walls of our home, and snow covering the driveway. And I would become sad counting how many months would have to go by before another summer would arrive again.

Well, I do not feel that kind of sadness anymore since I have ‘my’ Tucson. As much as I love Cape Cod and as much as I know how charming the autumn can be here, the end of summer is my time to go southwest. And now comes a different type of sadness, sadness of parting with friends, sadness of saying good bye to things I love. But every departure has also the joy of arrival and I am looking forward to that.

* * * * * *

The last days of summer are quite special on the Cape. The weather is fine, flowers are still blooming, and beaches are spacious again.

Sporadic spells of cold and rain — a good reminder to prepare the house for the coming fall and winter days.

For me, who does not like cold weather and never really was able to learn to like it, it is a reminder of getting ready for departure to Tucson, a place where summer almost never ends.

So it is time to walk out of this house which will welcome warmly new winter tenants soon. It is time to say good bye to the woods and the neighbors.

Time for a farewell lunch at our favorite restaurant in North Falmouth with its Reuben sandwiches and great quahogs that I will miss greatly. A last photo opportunity for me and my son whose time is also divided — between Boston and Cape Cod.

Two people in front of the sign for The Silver Lodge, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

Finally it is time to cross the Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal (which separates the Cape from the main land) and ‘plow’ across this vast country — going west this time.

Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts

* * *

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4 Comments on “When Summer Ends on Cape Cod…”

  1. Pam Says:

    I love the photo of mother and son at the Silver Lounge. Miss you.

  2. Alicja Mann Says:

    Thank you Pam. I miss you too. Please consider our Thanksgiving in Tucson. I will be in touch.

  3. Marina Says:

    Love the sensual prose about being outdoors and the change of seasons. We can even sense it here in Tucson, can’t we? But not everyone can express it the way you can, Alicja!

    Nice pictures. Your son is so tall! And that bridge is really pretty. Never saw a picture of it before.

    We enthusiastically welcome you back to Tucson!

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Marina,

      Again – thanks for reading my blog and for your kind words about my writing and my photos. That encourages me to continue my concept of ‘weaving’ the words and pictures into one story.

      I am back in Tucson and back in my studio. However, there is a big cloud of sadness over my head at this moment. My dear friend Nancy is not among us anymore and I am very sad about that.

      Hope to see you soon!

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