Lessons from the Beach – Part One

I stated in my last post of this blog, Trapped in a Vacation Place, that it takes some effort to practice vacationing in the place of so many memories, emotional investments, and commitments. There is no question about the beauty of Cape Cod and it would be foolish not to have some fun and relaxation in such a place. My friends’ comments (about that post) and good wishes convinced me. Many thanks! I did go several times to my favorite beach (and very popular one), Silver Beach in North Falmouth. It is only a mile from the house and liked for its good sand. I was also encouraged to post more pictures. So here are my photographic observations with a few words.

Beach Lesson #1 – About creativity, patience, satisfaction and optimism. Also about acceptance and ‘letting it go’.

This was a day of building sand castles, than destroying them or leaving them behind. The day was warm, clear and sunny. A lot of satisfaction was in the air.

This was a day of building holes — a competitive edge was there, but not that sharp. The walls had to be strong, especially on the ocean side. The holes had to be big enough for sitting in them.

But the wind and ocean waves will take away these sand creations, destroyed or left behind. That will only depend on the strength of the waves and passing time.

The ocean remains powerful and indifferent.

Speaking of ocean power — I have to go and get prepared for hurricane Earl’s arrival on the Cape! I will post the remaining lessons from the beach in a few days.

* * *

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4 Comments on “Lessons from the Beach – Part One”

  1. Lesley Says:

    I like the photos, miss the ocean. Good luck with Earl!

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      We are ready for Earl and hoping that it will not be as strong as predicted. As I wrote to some of my very concerned friends – this house endured hurricane Gloria and Bob, so hopefully it will be able to deal with Earl too! Thanks for your good wishes.

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  3. […] Lessons from the Beach – Part One […]

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