Why Waves?

I was wondering how to title this blog. After all it is my new adventure and most likely will stay with me for a while.

Quite a few concepts came to my mind, but the image of waves is most appealing to me and represents the best of what I want to do in this space.

“A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, usually with transference of energy.” says Wikipedia.“Waves travel and transfer energy from one point to another…. “

That is it – a disturbance and transfer of energy from one point to another! Is that not what the thoughts and ideas, expressed in writings or any other form of art should do – to disturb, to stimulate, and to travel outward?

There are so many types of waves: water waves, radio waves, sound waves, microwaves, light waves etc. I like their image of elliptic, circular shape and ability to travel, expanding the area of influence – even for a while. I also like the way we talk about “our resonance” and about “being on the same wave length“ with another person. All of it fits my concept of writing. I see a writer as a pebble which (pebble, not a writer) when dropped in the water creates waves for a while. The waves travel from one point to another – they are reaching out. Their field of influence depends on the strength of the waves the pebble/writer makes.

There is also another meaning of the word “wave” which appeals to me too. When used as a verb (to wave) it is saying “hello I am here!” Either way the word “wave” is used, it marks our presence.

So HELLO – here I am, and WELCOME to my blog!


* * *

Copyright © 2009 by Alicja Mann

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14 Comments on “Why Waves?”

  1. nancy.benoit Says:


    Congratulations on the launching of your new web site.

    I love the “wave” concept.

    I look forward to reading your blogs. Being familiar with you and with your writings, I am certain they will always be interesting!

    So your old friend from the east coast sends you the best kind of wave, a good luck wave from one friend to another.


  2. Alicja Mann Says:

    Thank you Nancy for your “good luck wave”!I am sure it will help me on this new and a bit strange (for me) path in cyberspace.


  3. Robert Casler Says:

    Your choice of title is very timely. Google Wave is due to be released for testing tomorrow (http://wave.google.com).

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Robert,

      I was not aware of Google Wave at all! That shows that I am still not very familiar with the internet environment. Oh well,I have a lot of things to learn. Thanks for the link Robert!

      I am glad that my title of this blog is “very timely” as you put it. I am taking your comment as a compliment and thank you for it warmly.


  4. Marina Guthrie Says:

    Alicja, you are a deeply perceptive writer who is ahead of the curve — which is kind of like a wave, so being ahead of the Google wave — that fits!

    I happily anticipate reading what you have to say.
    May you enjoy writing this blog as much as all of us will enjoy reading it.

    One more thing, Ms. Mann. Thank you for making us think!

  5. Alicja Mann Says:


    What can I say about your kind words and wishes? I am almost speechless.

    Thank you, and thank you again – that is all what I can say today.


  6. Alice Whittenburg Says:

    Hi, Alicja,

    I just took a look at your new blog for the first time today. I like both the design and the concept (waves), and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say about writing and publishing.

    I’m glad you’re part of the blogosphere!

    • Alicja Mann Says:

      Hello Alice,

      Many thanks for your comments. It will take me a while to feel comfortable in the “blogosphere”, but I will try to do my best. Again thanks!

  7. Jennifer Richardson Says:

    Hello Alicja,

    Congratulations on your blog. It blends beautifully with your website and I’m looking so forward to helping in any way I can as you experiment with this new media.

    Talk to you soon,

  8. Alicja Mann Says:

    Thank you Jennifer for your kind offer. I am sure that I will need some help – sooner or later!

    Thanks again, and see you soon.

  9. Don Richardson Says:

    This retired doctor was privileged to enjoy an ocean voyage with this remarkable writer who escaped communist Poland looking for a place to make WAVES, and she makes them beautifully, concentrically. I had written a book myself, and we exchanged them onboard and read them at home. She stays on my shelf!

  10. Diane Long Says:

    Waves feels like an accurate description of our life at this time with our moving back to Cape Cod/Massachusetts. Life changes like the sea…on to more changes and adventures. My daughter, her two boys (my grand boys) and I, just yesterday had the pleasure of meeting this talented, interesting, insightful woman.
    Good Karma….

  11. Alicja Mann Says:

    It was also my pleasure of meeting you and your family.

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